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$600 Penny Challenge

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This item will come laminated and hole punched. 

Please remember to print at “actual size” to get the correct size challenge. 

Size: A6 

How it works:
Start by saving one penny on the first day, then color-in the spot indicating your one penny saved. Each day that follows, add one cent to the amount you saved the day before, and continue to color in those spots. For example, on day two, you'd add $0.02 to your savings. On day three, you'd add $0.03 and so on. Continue this pattern every day for 322 days by tracking your savings. The total is around: $600

Customer Reviews

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I finally received it. Hand writing on a small. It’s Thank you.

Sidra Ross
Penny challenge

It arrived in a timely manner. I’m so excited to try this challenge.